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Oh look, here's my...completely not regular LJ update.

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. Wrote 2030 words just after midnight this morning, and I'm going to try to get even more down shortly, because Tuesdays are my designed writing day during the week, and I have all the things going on at work this month, including meetings for a new strategic plan.

Ginny Weasley. OMG. This article on just brought back all my Harry Potter fandom feels. It was like being transported back in time 13 years to my early days in the fandom. I just want to dive back into all that. I want my old Walpurgisnight RPG (my first HP RPG, where I played Ginny and Remus) back. I want to finish the Ginny/Remus fic I got stuck in. I want to reread all the fics.

Anyway. Go read the essay, if you're a Ginny fan. :)

Also, I published a new book. I was racing to get it out on Halloween, which was my self-imposed deadline, but I'm proud to say that the beta feedback for this novel has been the best so far, and I'm very pleased with it. Shades of Circle City is the first in a series (at least a trilogy so far) of urban fantasy/paranormal novels set in Indianapolis. The main character is Chloe Cole, an IMPD officer who sees ghosts. There's a werewolf state trooper, lots of alternate sexuality, and some gay subtext just for fun (because I have a couple of ships I sekritly hope people also ship, even though they're not canon). There's also a bisexual werewolf and a gay mechanic who are the stars of the next novel, which is my NaNo novel. :D

Shades of Circle City is the book I asked for feedback on the cover a while back. Here's what the cover ended up being:

Cut to not kill your feed. )

So if you're intrigued, here's the Amazon link. I'm working on other online retailers too. :)
Let's see...I did my part today to avert the coming apocalypse. Early voting FTW. And yes #ImWithHer. I'm not sure it'll change the way Indiana goes, but I know a lot more people voting Dem this year who usually vote Rep, so hopefully the Mike-Pence-hatred (seriously, if you're not from Indiana, we hate Mike Pence. You don't want him as VP, take my word for it) will be enough to sway people. I see way more Trump signs than I would like, though. *sigh*
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I'm the only one in the office at my second job today. Not super exciting, for sure, especially since I have literally nothing to do except check our Facebook page a few times. Not a thrilling way to spend 7 hours. Only... *checks watch* 2.5 hours to go.

Normally on days like this, I can ask my boss for something to work on, but she's not here. The other three people who work in the office get paid holidays, so obviously they're not here on a city holiday. The front desk person is here, but he's across the building. And the cleaning person is here, but she's all over. Aside from that, it's me and my Nox Arcana Christmas albums and my boredom.

I've seen The Force Awakens twice now. The first time at an almost-midnight showing a week ago, the second as my Christmas present to my folks on Saturday. I loved it. Mom and Dad not so much. I wonder if it's a generational thing. Star Wars was my childhood, but they were already adults when they fell in love with it.

We survived the strong storms that came through Indiana yesterday. Everyone was bitching about how it shouldn't be 65 in December, but I was loving it. I'm ready for a few sunny days, though. I love storms, but what we got yesterday was the barest hint of bad weather, along with horrific wind and annoying rain. I want the thunder and lightning and no tornadoes, please. But oh well. At least it's not snow. :D

I'm not much in the Christmas spirit this year. It's hard to feel Christmassy when you can't afford to give much in the way of presents. And I know I just commented to someone that my favorite childhood Christmas was the year my dad's company closed and he scrounged Christmas out of the Dumpster as they were cleaning out the office building and warehouse, but still. It's hard to shake that feeling of inadequacy.

Then again, I'm giving my dad a copy of one of my novels this year. That's a good feeling on so many levels.

So how's everyone here at LJ?

Writing projects update:
I published a holiday-themed fantasy romance on the 21st. The world my fantasy novels take place in doesn't have Christmas, of course, but it celebrates Longnight, which is the Winter Solstice, so I decided to get all seasonally appropriate with winter and solstice fiction.

The Midwinter Royal: A Romance of Tamnen - Amazon | nook | Smashwords

Izbel Cantara of the Fifth Family needs a husband if she wants to keep her family's estate. She travels to the king's midwinter celebrations, the traditional time for the nobility to arrange marriage contracts, in hopes of finding an alternate to marrying her conniving cousin Willat. She knows she needs to negotiate a marriage.

She doesn't expect to fall in love.

Against a backdrop of court intrigue and international alliances, Izbel is forced to make a decision between fulfilling her duty to her family or pursuing her own happiness.

Other things I'm working on include planning my writing projects for 2016 and plotting out The Weather War, which is the next in my fantasy series. I'm hoping next year to begin publishing my Regent's series of urban fantasy, but that'll be contingent in finding the funds for cover art.

Kitty Updates

The kitties aren't sure about Christmas.

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Meowy Christmas!


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