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Time to jump-start my DW account! I'm making the move. *sigh* I miss the good old days of LJ, but those days have been gone for so long now. The problem is, my friends didn't move en-mass to any one location, so I have a bunch on Facebook (bane of my existence), some on Tumblr, some on Twitter, and some here at DreamWidth. I guess it's time to make some more friends! :D

I'm not very good at regular journaling anymore, but I'm going to try to default to DW instead of FB. Fandom was always a huge part of my LJ existence, and I know that's partly why I've dropped off the regular posting. I'm not active in Harry Potter fandom or Criminal Minds fandom anymore. I'm only semi-active in The 100 fandom, and that's more writing fic than reading it. And since I'm neither a Clexa stan nor a Bellarke shipper (I'm a slasher and fringe-shipper), I tend to avoid that fandom on Tumblr.


Hello to any new DW friends! I'm a huge nut for Tolkien's writing, I also love Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion books, Narnia, Prydain, The Dark is Rising, Robin McKinley's books... I'm trying to read a bunch of #OwnVoices books this year, mostly in the speculative fiction genre, but I also love YA books. I'm a casual gamer--I play Skyrim and World of Warcraft, and also have an in-person Pathfinder group that plays monthly. I'm pretty much a "hit-it-hard-with-a-sword" kind of gamer.

I have three cats: Eowyn, Strider, and Eustace Clarence Scrubb (who probably doesn't deserve that). I'm 40, I'm single and was terribly relieved last year when I realized I'm not weird, I'm just aromantic. I enjoy romance in fiction, but am allergic to it in real life. Ew.

I work at a museum and love it, even though it means I'm broke most of the time. I'm also an indie author and have published epic and urban fantasy, and am currently at work on the next in my epic series. I also have a story coming out in a specfic anthology about horses later this summer.

I grew up evangelical and Republican but I got better. I now refer to myself as a red-letter Christian, in that I believe Christianity is meant to be a true reflection of what Jesus said and did--love your neighbor, feed the hungry, care for the sick, help the poor, etc. I have lots of friends who are not Christians, and I think those friends have made me a better person as well as (hopefully) a way less annoying Christian. :D

I'm a huge history nerd, particularly medieval studies and the US Civil War. I love hiking and bird watching. I dabble in nature photography. I still like Pokemon Go even though I never played the older versions.

I grew up in Indiana, and yes, we do call ourselves Hoosiers. Not all of us are Mike Pence fans, either. I aspire to live somewhere without winter, hopefully Austin, Texas.

Oh yeah, and I'm an expressive, so despite being an introvert, I tend to just throw my opinions and feelings out there for people. Congratulations, you may now know more about me than you wanted to! :D

Now I need to go buy a paid DW account and port over all the icons I'm used to having. LOL

Date: 2017-04-14 07:03 pm (UTC)
xochiquetzl: Claudia from Warehouse 13 (Claudia (sweet))
From: [personal profile] xochiquetzl
I have a permanent LJ account, too. :( I haven't fully decided what I'm going to do with it. I am making the switch here for real, too, though.

Hi, back, new DW friend! <3

Date: 2017-04-14 08:33 pm (UTC)
darthneko: purple cartoon bunny (Default)
From: [personal profile] darthneko
*waves* hello! I'm sorry, I honestly can't remember if we were friended on LJ from back in the HP days, or if you stumbled over me from somewhere else, but hi and I'm glad to subscribe back. ^_^

Date: 2017-04-14 08:46 pm (UTC)
darthneko: closeup of WoW Panda!Wrecker Wildstrike ([fandom] wow bamf pandas)
From: [personal profile] darthneko
Cool! I'm good with that. ^_^ (and hey, if you're into WoW, I can be found on the alliance side, US-Velen)

Date: 2017-04-14 11:02 pm (UTC)
the_rck: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_rck
Hi. I wandered over from 2017revival because we have a couple of fandoms in common. I'm pretty darned polyfannish and not strongly attached to anything right at the moment, but I've written some Narnia and a tiny bit of Harry Potter (two crossovers, a remix, and two unposted WIP). I haven't reread The Dark Is Rising or Prydain in quite a while, but they were pretty formative. Robin McKinley has been a favorite for a while, too.

My journal right at the moment is very heavy on venting about health related stuff, both mine and my daughter's, so I'm not urging people to read it. I don't mind if people do (or I wouldn't post unlocked), but really, reading a stranger's venting is a poor way to get to know them.

At any rate, may I subscribe?


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