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I just have to say, THANK GOD 2016 IS OVER. Didn't end without taking one last celebrity, though. I just saw that the actor who played Father Mulcahy on MASH died. I always loved Father Mulcahy. :(

So... 2016 in review. Huh.

Well, possibly the most astonishing thing about 2016 is that my dad, who has been a Republican voter as long as I can remember, actually donated money to Bernie Sanders and became vociferously liberal. What that also means is that my dad, who is not an expressive man by nature, has been PISSED THE FUCK OFF since November 9. And he's taken it out on some innocent people, but he's also been sending emails and letters to politicians and has quit attending his church because of the fact that white Evangelicals were overwhemingly Trump supporters. I'm currently trying to get him to start attending the local United Church of Christ.

I, of course, voted for Obama in the last presidential election, which marked the real turning point for me from Moderate to Liberal, so I'm the girl in rural Indiana driving a car with a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker. I DID vote for Hillary, though--as disappointed as I was in the primary results, I actually admire HIllary for a number of reasons, and if she'd been running against anyone except Bernie, I would have supported her in the primary too.

Such a far cry from 2002 when I was a Republican and a fan of George W. Heh. I still find W a personable fella, and I think his heart was mostly in the right place, but looking back, I see so many things he did that I currently disagree with. Oh well. Hindsight, 20/20, all that.

Let's see. I meant to publish three novels in 2016. I ended up publishing one. It's my NaNoWriMo novel from 2010, now titled Shades of Circle Ciity, with werewolves added for good measure. Much gratitude is owed to [ profile] megburden and [ profile] lar_laughs and [ profile] microgirl8225 for their early beta reads of the novel. It's done all right, but my epic fantasy is still my main earner.

In related news, I also earned a significant honorarium for being a panelist at an author fair this year. Including that with my royalties, I better than doubled my writing income from last year. Not that last year's income was huge, but I consider it an accomplishment that every year since my first published work in 2013, I have increased my earnings, and this year I WAY increased my earnings. :D This year I also launched a Patreon where I'm sharing behind-the-scenes stuff with supporters.

Let's see. In 2016 I also drank too much. I've decided that one thing I'm going to do in the new year is stop buying liquor for my home. I'm allowed to drink with dinner at restaurants, and I'm allowed to drink wine. But bourbon, vodka, rum, absinthe, etc., will not be coming home with me. It's clear that I got some of Gedna's genetic makeup, and I honestly can't afford to become an alcoholic, so I'm just going to kill this one starting tomorrow. (I haven't gone to bed yet, so it's still 2016 to me. LOL)

I started 2016 writing, which is my preferred way to ring in the new year. I know it's a silly superstition that what you're doing at midnight of the new year is what you'll do all year, but ever since that disastrous Having-a-New-Year's-Date-and-Being-Stood-Up-By-Him incident in 1999, this is how I've done the new year, and it's never done me wrong.

I still love my job. Well, I love my museum job and I'm okay with my other part-time job. If I start earning thousands of dollars a year from my writing, I'll quit the second job, but I don't hate it or anything, so still better off than I was at New Year's 2011.

This year several of my friends who live in different states traveled to see me in Indiana, which made for a lovely year! And I'm looking forward to a visit this year from my wifey [ profile] severity_softly.

I turned 40 this year. I'm good with that.

Let's see...I re-opened my etsy shop Redhead Paper this year. There isn't much listed at the moment, but my dad bought me a Cricut as a combined birthday/Christmas present-cum-business-investment, so I'm designing stickers, mainly for Bullet Journaling, which has been my mainstay of time management for the past two years. I'm all about diversifying my income streams this year. Which makes taxes more difficult, but makes paying my bills a lot less painful. :D

Good things about 2016:

  • I published my grandma's local history/memoir of the small town one of her ancestors founded. She died in 2001 and this has been something I've felt guilty about since then, so it was a relief to finally get that published. Also, it's selling WAAAAAAY better than I anticipated, and even though the money has to be split four ways, it's still been a good thing.

  • Related to the first thing, I have realized a few things about my mom's parents this year, and it's made me feel closer to them, despite the fact they've both been gone better than 15 years now.

  • I published an urban fantasy novel of my own, and realized I would probably not have become a writer if aforementioned grandma hadn't encouraged me so much and taught me to type on her 1923 Underwood and let me spend hours upstairs using her electric typewriter whenever I visited her.

  • I turned 40 and I like it.

  • I still get carded at bars.

  • My parents' politics finally aligned more with mine.

  • I found a tiny church where I am able to be entirely myself, and where I know for sure we are all rooting for each other.

  • I visited all 92 counties in Indiana and every state park in the state, as part of the state bicentennial celebrations and state park centennial celebrations.

  • My car kept running and I even got new brakes.

  • I organized a small but very successful author fair.

  • Rogue One.

  • I started blogging a little more regularly at my author website.

  • I learned how to write a short story. From Mary Robinette Kowal, a Hugo-winning writer. NOT from my 18-year-old BA in Creative Writing from Purdue, incidentally. Purdue wanted me to write "literary fiction." Mary Robinette just wanted me to write a good story.

  • Learning to write said short story led to my being short-listeded for a very coveted (by me at least) anthology spot after a blind submission. No news yet on whether I've been selected for the final lineup, but being short-listed is more than I've managed in past anthologies by this amazing editor.

  • I'm still alive, and I still believe in Jesus, and I still have a job I love going to every day. I still have my parents, and my cats all adore me and snuggle with me every night. There's no world in which these statements aren't a total win.

Okay, it's an hour into the new year and I'm getting sleepy and I've written a WAY longer blog post than I meant to. So HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! I love you all and wish you the very best year possible!
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